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Make it in Northern Ireland

Make it in Northern IrelandEquity is calling on the entertainment industry and governments to invest in programmes made in Northern Ireland.

“One of the issues our members have is often a programme is labelled ‘BBC Northern Ireland’, ‘BBC Scotland’ or ‘BBC Wales’ but in reality there are few – if any – opportunities for performers in the nations to appear in them,” said Stephen Spence, Equity’s assistant general secretary.

A great example of how investing locally can reap rewards is the success of the film The Shore, which won the live action short film category at the Oscars 2012.
The movie, which tells a story of reconciliation through the eyes of a returning emigrant, was shot on location at Coney Island, Co Down, Northern Ireland and starred local actors Ciaran Hinds, Conleth Hill and Equity Council member Maggie Cronin.

According to Ofcom, 61.8% of spending by public service broadcasting channels in 2010 went to productions made within the M25. Productions in Scotland received 4.6% of spending, Wales 2.6% and Northern Ireland 0.4%.

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