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Make it in Scotland

Make it in ScotlandEquity is calling on the entertainment industry and governments to invest in programmes made in Scotland.

“One of the issues our members have is often a programme is labelled ‘BBC Northern Ireland’, ‘BBC Scotland’ or ‘BBC Wales’ but in reality there are few – if any – opportunities for performers in the nations to appear in them,” said Stephen Spence, Equity’s assistant general secretary. “Our members feel if it’s labelled BBC Scotland, it should be made in Scotland and have Scottish performers, not exclusively, but they should have an opportunity to be in it.”

Members are frustrated at not getting local opportunities, particularly because they believe there is a wealth of talent outside of London. “There’s a perception among the media elite that you can’t be any good unless you go to London, but why shouldn’t Scottish performers and crew be able to make a living in their own country?,” said actor Michael Mackenzie.

According to Ofcom, 61.8% of spending by public service broadcasting channels in 2010 went to productions made within the M25. Productions in Scotland received 4.6% of spending, Wales 2.6% and Northern Ireland 0.4%.

For further information about broadcasting in Scotland see the document attached to this page. You can also download the campaign logo and use it in your email signature. For advice on how to do this, try this page on

If you are an Equity member and want to receive the latest updates from the campaign, sign up to the Make it in Scotland campaign in your personal details section of the members' area.

For more information about this campaign, contact Lorne Boswell,


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when will some one contact me about equity meetings in Glasgow.

Name: Phil Paterson

Date: 13 November 2013

what is happining on the audition front for films,eg star wars,and other new productions in scotland.I have been trying to find out about when there is a meeting in glasgow?

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