Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation


Spotlight has always been committed to ensuring that professional performers of all backgrounds have the opportunity to be cast in productions for live or recorded media. We aim to develop tools and services which promote a diverse and inclusive casting process By supporting the Equity Manifesto for Casting and working with partners such as the CDG, PMA and CPMA, we aim to use our influence to encourage industry decision-makers to consider the most diverse range of talent when casting a production. We work to ensure that Spotlight gives casting directors access to a range of performers who represent society and the stories that are being told. We are committed to working with organisations which encourage people of all backgrounds to consider a career in the performing arts, to provide a constant flow of new and diverse talent into our industry. We support performers throughout different stages of their career, doing all we can to help them to continue working professionally. We are committed to developing our services and resources to allow all users of Spotlight to take advantage of them, regardless of any specific access requirements.