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Professionally Made Professionally PaidWhy use an Equity Fringe agreement?

Signing an Equity Fringe agreement is a mark of professionalism. It shows that you are serious about creating a high standard of fringe theatre in the United Kingdom, where professional performers are paid for their work.

Using an Equity agreement puts you in touch with the best professional performers. it creates a clear, efficient framework for avoiding and resolving problems during the production, identifies you as an ethical employer, and protects you from risks of legal action.

 There is now a dedicated Equity Fringe category on Spotlight, so performers will be able to easily find your production and know that they will be paid for their time. 

Who can use an Equity Fringe agreement?

The Fringe agreement is for small scale, unfunded productions.While the majority of productions using a Fringe agreement are theatre, films can also be covered as long as they met the criteria.

If you receive funding from the Arts Council, you should consult the ITC for rates of pay.

What can you do?

Work with us. Even if you are operating on a micro budget you may be able to offer Equity contracts. Equity has a range of agreements specially designed for productions which cannot pay full rates, and are not funded by Arts Councils or other public bodies.

You can download our Fringe Theatre, Student Film and Non-Commercial film contracts here.

How can I apply to use an Equity Fringe agreement?

Please send the details of your venue, funding arrangements, production dates, and any variations to the standard fringe contract (link above) to Caitlin, the Live Performance Organising Assistant.