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Professionally Made Professionally Paid

How can Equity branches support Professionally Made Professionally Paid?

Equity branches have played a huge role so far in Professionally Made Professionally Paid, and as the campaign gains momentum it's important that branch involvement continues. This looks different across each region, but other branches have:

• Identified key local employers where there is potential for improving terms and conditions for Equity to talk to. Your local knowledge is the key. Equity staff can use the information you gather to target resources and make the most impact.

• Encouraged venues and any other stakeholders to support the campaign, and engage with Equity.

• Identified local sponsors who may be interested in supporting local arts employers. Equity can play a key role brokering that relationship, on the condition that sponsorship goes to businesses that sign up fully to our campaign.

• Helped raise awareness by organising low pay no pay meetings. Equity staff are be happy to come along and make sure everyone is up to date on their rights and what their union is doing for them.

• Developed local press contacts, so that positive stories about the use of Equity agreements have the best chance of making it into the news.