Professionally Made Professionally Paid
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Professionally Made Professionally Paid

How can you help?

Whether you are working on a Fringe production or not, we'd love for members from all areas of Equity to get involved to spread the work of Professionally Made Professionally Paid.

• Follow us on twitter: @EquityLPNP, and tweet us a selfie at an Equity approved Fringe production

• Promote the campaign by taking the poster along to a local venue

• Let us know when you see or take work on low or no pay,so we can monitor the industry and build up our intelligence about problems which need tackling. Our new online survey takes just a few moments and we will never share your information without your consent.

• Ask your local Councillors, MP, or other decisionmakers to support our campaign.

• Sign up for campaign updates via

• Use our template letter if you would like to politely turn down unpaid or poorly paid work, while raising awareness of the campaign.

Please contact Equity with any questions of concerns you have about low and no pay. We can advise you when you're thinking about taking a job, during the engagement, or if there are problems at the end of the production.

Your query will be treated in strict confidence and we will never talk to an employer about you without your express consent. We are on your side.