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Equity Fringe Agreements

Since the launch of Professionally Made Professionally Paid, theatre venues, production companies and producers of individual shows have signed up to use the Equity Fringe Agreement. In 2015, the first year of the campaign, there were over 100 productions using the agreement, hiring 400-500 artists, and paying over £500,000 in wages to them. In 2016, this has increased to nearly 200 productions, over 100 different productions companies, and more than 800 performers and stage managers. In total, since the launch of the campaign, over £1m in wages has been paid to performers and stage managers working on Professionally Made Professionally Paid fringe theatre productions. 

This page lists users of the Equity Fringe Agreement. If you work for any of the companies listed below, you know you will be paid for your time, and are protected by an Equity approved contact. You can also check this list to know whether a fringe show you are considering seeing is using an Equity contract.

If it's not listed below, they are not using an Equity approved contract.

To sign up to the Fringe agreement, and join the growing list of supporters, please visit here.


The following shows have used, or are going to use, the Equity Fringe Agreement. You can use it not only to see which shows have signed, but to also help you decide which shows to support in the future. You can also find this information on the Professionally Made Professionally Paid twitter.

Blood Wedding

Clapham Omnibus George Richmond-Scott 10/09/2018 30/09/2018

The Lady With A Dog

The White Bear Alces Prodcutions 20/02/2018 10/03/2018

There or Here

Park Theatre Special Relationship Productions 23/01/2018 17/02/2018

Sirens of the Silver Screen

Upstairs at the Gatehouse Alces Productions 04/11/2017 18/11/2017

The Trap

Clapham Omnibus Thrillseeker Productions 31/10/2017 19/11/2017


Clamour Theatre Company Theatre Royal Stratford East Sudio 24/10/2017 04/11/2017

A Busy World Is Hushed

Arsalan Sattari Productions Finborough Theatre 03/10/2017 25/11/2017

Masha and the Firebird 

Sleepless Theatre Bathway Theatre Greenwich/Old Library Southwark 09/2017 09/2017


Project One Theatre Company Finborough Theatre 22/08/2017 09/09/2017

Blood and Bone

Unclouded Moon King's Head Theatre/Liverpool Irish Festival 10/07/2017 12/07/2017

A Better Life

David Prosser King's Head Theatre 11/06/2017 19/06/2017


Newplay Productions Finborough Theatre 20/06/2017 15/07/2017
Tick, Tick... Boom! Aria Entertainment Park Theatre 03/05/2017 27/05/2017
Pete 'n' Keely Wallflower Theatrical Tristan Bates Theatre 02/05/2017 20/05/2017
Everything Between Us The Working Party Theatre Company Finborough Theatre 30/04/2017 16/05/2017
Caste Project One Theatre Finborough Theatre 02/04/2017 18/04/2017
The Albatross 3rd & Main Shiny Pin Productions The Park Theatre 10/01/2017 04/02/2017
A Super Happy Story About Feeling Super Sad Silent Uproar New Diorama, Greenwich, Fruit 09/01/2017 15/02/2017
Dr Angelus Robyn Bennett Finborough Theatre 27/11/2016 20/12/2016
Curl Up and Die Coy Communications The Questors Theatre 15/11/2016 19/11/2016
Around The World In Eighty Days The Brewhouse Theatre Taunton The Brewhouse Theatre 10/12/2016 31/12/2016
Proud Proud July Productions Finborough Theatre 17/07/2016 02/08/2016
Mumburger Rough Hewn Theatre The Archivist's Gallery 06/06/2016 31/07/2016
A Subject of Scandal and Concern Proud Haddock Finborough Theatre 22/05/2016 07/06/2016
Stone Face Desara Bosnja Finborough Theatre 17/05/2016 11/06/2016
Schism Aegis Productions Finborough Theatre 24/04/2016 14/05/2016
Ten Takes on Capital Take Back Dancehouse Manchester 31/03/2016 31/03/2016
BU21 Theatre503 Theatre503 15/03/2016 09/04/2016
Don't Smoke In Bed Finborough Theatre Finborough Theatre 06/03/2016 23/03/2016
The Young Visiters Rough Haired Pointer Tabard Theatre  01/03/2016 26/03/2016
Merit Laughton Productions Finborough Theatre 01/03/2016 26/03/2016
Cyrano de Bergerac Chloe Courtney Southwark Playhouse 18/02/2016 19/03/2016
Four Play Fools and Kings Theatre503 16/02/2016 12/03/2016
The Spanish Tradition Barrel Organ Theatre Old Red Lion Theatre 09/02/2016 05/03/2016
Cosy The Llanarth Group Wales Millennium Centre 08/02/2016 04/03/2016
The Albatross 3rd & Main Shiny Pin Productions Emporium Theatre 02/02/2016 20/02/2016
Hamlet Shakespeare Peckham Bussey Building 01/02/2016 27/02/2016
P'yongyang Chloe Courtney Finborough Theatre 05/01/2016 31/01/2016


The following venues have formally signed to indefinitely use the Equity Fringe Agreement. If you're thinking of seeing a show, seeing one at a venue below helps ensure an ethical and sustainable professional Fringe sector.

king's head logohope theatre logonew diorama theatre logojermyn street theatre logoArtspace logothe other room logoTheatre n16 logo Hope Mill Theatre

Theatre Production Companies

The following theatre production companies have signed to indefinitely use the Equity Fringe Agreement. This means that no matter which theatre they're in, their performers are getting paid for their time.

Tangled Thread logoDEM logo42nd theatre company logoIris theatre logoEoMW logoCrow and Elk logoAequitas logoArtful theatre logoBlack Coffee Theatre logoBAREtruth theatre logo13th theatre co logoOff Book Theatre LogoWildcard Theatre LogoThe Opera Story PMPPLamphouse Theatre logoEsk Valley Theatre logoSpinoff Productions logoSpontaneous Prod logo Ripley Theatre logo

Why The Industry Supports Professionally Made Professionally Paid 

Jonny Collis Cog Arts
 "The Equity agreement assures me that people coming into my space will legitimately pay the minimum wage and this also guarantees a level of quality”

Jonny Collis, artistic director of Cog Arts Space.




Matthew Parker Hope Theatre

“The climate is changing with regard to payment on the fringe and the producing models we’ve put in place at The Hope Theatre, give companies the security and ability to pay their performers”

Matthew Parker is the artistic director of the Hope Theatre.





Adam Spreadbury-Maher

"Paying the people who are responsible for making the art should be one of a theatre’s top priorities. It’s important that we are known for both what and how we produce”

Adam Spreadbury-Maher is the artistic director of the King’s Head Theatre.




David Morrissey

"As professionals, it's essential that we stand up for our rights, and our ability to make a proper living from our work. I've been worried for some time about how hard this industry has become for anyone to get started in, especially if they aren't from a wealthy background, and it's clear low and no pay is a major barrier. I can accept that poor pay has always existed in our industry, but it's now become a major problem which needs tackling. We can't allow this culture that exploits creative people's love of their work. If you're a professional, you deserve professional pay, and that's the clear message of this campaign. I'm proud that my trade union is leading the charge to make the industry fairer, and proud to support Professionally Made Professionally Paid. I'll be doing my bit to get the message out, and hope you'll do the same."

David Morrissey

Julie Walters

"I'm delighted to support Professionally Made Professionally Paid, and so should everyone who cares about diversity on stage and screen. I was able to get my career started because I had a full grant to go to college, but kids now don't have those opportunities. If, on top of that, young actors are expected to work for years for free, it shouldn't be a suprise that there aren't enough working class actors. It's great that Equity is sending a clear message that professional work deserves professional pay, and I urge everyone in the industry to support the campaign."

Julie Walters