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Stop Arts Cuts

 Stop Arts Cuts

The arts rely on decent levels of government investment to thrive.

Commercial sales, private philanthropy and tax breaks play their part as icing on the cake but the bedrock of a successful mixed economy of the arts, is decent government investment.

In recent times the arts have suffered a triple whammy with central government investment, national and regional investment and local council investment slashed, as a result of austerity measures.Every time that investment is scaled back the arts shudder and stall! Output is lost and the effects on the creative economy can be dramatic.

Equity’s ‘Stop Arts Cut’ campaign contributed towards the Chancellor’s announcement in his November 2015 Autumn Statement that Westminster funding would be maintained in cash terms until 2020. A positive result!  Local, regional and nations arts funding, however, continues to be under threat. Equity’s campaign is now being focused at these levels, with Branches and Committees being encouraged to participate.

Every pound invested in the arts generates two to seven pounds in return, depending on the exact art form supported. On these figures there was never an economic case to cut a single pound from the levels of government investment.

The arts aren’t just some ethereal, feel good factor for good times as these ten facts demonstrate.