Committee Nominations - notes on filling in the nomination form

If you want to stand for election and make your voice heard you can fill out the form here. Please note the following:

1. On which Committee would you like to serve?

You may not stand for more than one of the eight industrial or specialist committees or in more than one section of any one committee.

If you are standing for an INDUSTRIAL OR SPECIALIST COMMITTEE you must provide evidence of professional earnings of £500 or more in the area represented (see this page for a summary of the committees) in the three years prior to the close of nominations. This might be a copy of a contract, a cast list or a playbill. For the EQUALITY COMMITTEES and the YOUNG MEMBERS’ COMMITTEE, you must provide evidence of professional earnings of £500 or more in any area of the entertainment industry in the three years prior to the close of nominations. If you do not submit evidence of work with your nomination form your nomination may not go through.

If you are standing for the YOUNG MEMBERS’ COMMITTEE you must be 30 years of age or under at the close of nominations.

2. Your details

You will need to provide your Equity name and number, phone number and email address.

3. Your proposer and seconder

Unless you are nominated by an Equity branch, you will require a proposer and a seconder. You may propose yourself. You, your proposer and your seconder must all be up-to-date with your Equity subscription. You will need to include the Equity number and email address of your proposer and seconder, and the email address must match the address they have registered with Equity.

Please note that Branch nominations cannot be completed online.

4. Your election statement

You are encouraged to submit an election statement of up to 150 words. You are entitled to write what you like, but
in order for members to compare different candidates’ suitability, we suggest that your statement answers these four questions:

  • What is your experience in the area covered by the committee?
  • What do you want the committee to achieve in the next two years?
  • What do you believe you will be able to contribute to the committee?
  • What is your experience in Equity?

You can write as much as you like for each answer but the total statement must not exceed 150 words. If it does, we
will have to cut it after the 150th word in the interest of fairness.

Election statements will be published with the ballot papers. You may also include a photograph of yourself to be
published next to your election statement. Please email your election statement and photograph to

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