Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Scottish National Committee 2013-2015

The  Equity official who works closely with this committee is  Lorne Boswell.  Please contact Lorne if you want to get in touch with any member of the  sub-committee or want to know more about its work.

Members of the current committee:

  • Clunie Mackenzie (Chair)
  • Andrew Brodie-Frew (Vice Chair)
  • Pab Roberts (Vice Chair)
  • Morna Burdon
  • Tom Freeman
  • Natasha Gerson
  • Kate McCall
  • Kirstin McLean
  • Sheena Penson
  • Ian Petrie
  • William Riddoch
  • John A Sampson
  • Helen Raw (East of Scotland Branch sec)
  • Linda Rifkind (Scottish Variety Branch sec)
  • Isabella Jarrett is the Scottish Councillor