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Stage Management Sub-Committee 2013-2015

The Stage Management Sub-committee use the Stage Management section of the Equity website to communicate with Stage Management Members.

The Stage Management Sub-committee advises the Stage Committee and take action on any matters relevant to the professional employment of Equity members who work in stage management anywhere in the entertainment industry. In addition the committee can, subject to endorsement from the Stage Committee, submit industrial claims to relevant employers and agree settlements of claims.

The committee is made up of 9 elected members who have recent experience of working in stage management and are willing to volunteer their time. The current members of the Stage Management Sub-Committee are:

  • Jamie Byron (Vice-chair)
  • Elizabeth Fielding
  • Prudence Haynes
  • Nadia Javed

  • Peter Kosta
Caron Jane Lyon

  • Fiona H Mott
Brian Perkins

  • Graeme Reid (Chair and Stage Management representative on the Stage Committee)

There is also one Council Observer:

  • Adam Burns (Stage Management Councillor)

The Equity official who works closely with this sub-committee is Jamie Briers.  Please contact Jamie if you want to get in touch with any member of the sub-committee or want to know more about its work.