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Stunt Committee 2013-2015

The Stunt Committee is elected every two years by and from our members who work in this area. If you wish to contact the committee for information or advice about your rights, or to share your experience, please send an email  to

The Equity Stunt Committee (ESC) is the elected Union body that represents the concerns, interests and safety of the professional stunt community in the UK. The ESC has oversight of all applications to the Joint Industry Stunt Committee (JISC) Register of Stunt/Action Co-ordinators and Performers and makes recommendations to the JISC about each candidate. The ESC is also consulted in all Equity negotiations which affect stunt performers and co-ordinators.

The JISC Register is the only approved directory of potential employees in the UK visual and audio-visual media who are JISC-qualified and thus competent to manage and/or perform work of a dangerous, hazardous or specialised nature.

The JISC makes all final decisions related to membership and upgrades within the register and is also responsible for the rules of the register itself. JISC is made up of elected representatives from the Stunt Industry along with health and safety experts and producers from numerous organisations including the BBC, ITV and PACT. The JISC is a sub-committee of the Joint Industry Grading Scheme (JIGS). More information can be found about JIGS and the JISC at the JIGS website

The members of the current committee are:

Tony Christian

Jonathan Cohen

Jim Dowdall

Pete Ford

Sarah Franzl

Justin Pearson

Greg Powell