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Womens Committee 2013-2015

Welcome to the Equity's Womens Committee

The Committee is elected every two years from our women members by our women members and we encourage you to get involved.

If you wish to contact the committee for information or advice about your rights, or to share your experience, please send an email to: womenscommittee@equity.org.uk.

We can also be found at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/290192297663145/

Twitter: @EquityWomen

The current members of the committee are:

Lynda Rooke - Womens Committee Chair and member of Equity's Council

Flip Webster - Vice Chair

Kelly Burke

Karina Cornell

Norma Dixit

Rachael Fagan

Susan McGoun

Jean Rogers member of Equity's council

Cleo Sylvestre