Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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UK Theatre Overseas Touring Agreement 2014

14 May 2015

Agreements TMA - 188kb PDF

UK Theatre/Equity Overseas Touring Agreement from May 2014

HSE Electrical Safety at Places of Entertainment

11 March 2015

Health and Safety - 438kb PDF

HSE guidance on electrical safety

HSE Electrical Safety for Entertainers

11 March 2015

Health and Safety - 489kb PDF

HSE Guidance on Electrical Safety for Entertainers

Electrical safety for entertainers

10 March 2015

Sample Docs - 489kb PDF

Electrical safety for entertainers

BECS Overseas Direct Payments Form (for those without a UK bank account)

15 March 2014

BECS - 203kb PDF

BECS Overseas Direct Payments Form

BECS Registration Form

15 March 2014

BECS - 70kb PDF

BECS Registration Form

BECS UK Direct Payments Form (for UK bank account holders)

15 March 2014

BECS - 77kb PDF

BECS UK Direct Payments Form

Circus Contract 2002

8 April 2011

miscellaneous agreements, guidelines & contracts (live) - 81kb PDF

Contract made with the Association of Circus Proprietors

TV Commercials Agreed Document 2011

4 April 2011

Agreements and rates TV commercials - 642kb PDF

Agreed statement between Equity and the Institute of
Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), the Advertising Producers’ Association (APA) and the Incorporated Society of British Advertising (ISBA), identifying guidelines to working practices in the engagement of Performers for the making of commercials and associated media.