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Stage Management

Welcome to the Stage Management Section of the Equity Website

This part of Equity's website is a all about supporting Stage Management Members and (nearly) all of the content has been written by Stage Management Members for Stage Management Members.  It is maintained by the Equity Stage Management Specialist committee (SMC) with assistance from Equity Staff.  For more information about the Equity SMC select SM Committee from the menu on the left.  

Hopefully you will find the information within these pages helpful, but please do let us know if you spot any mistakes or think that something is missing.  To Get Involved, Find Out More or Get In Touch select Contacts & Links from the menu on the left, the committee would love to hear from you.

Find out who is on Equity's Stage Managemenet Committee here:

You can follow us on twitter @EquitySM and join our Facebook group Stage Management : Meet Equity where you can talk with members of the Equity Stage Management Specialist committee, the Equity Stage Management Councillor and each other about issues affecting your work and the work of Equity.  It's quick and easy to ask questions, make suggestions, raise concerns and get answers.