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Do you know about The Theatrical Guild and how they can help?

7 March 2014

Recently Equity's Stage Management Councillor and the Chair of Equity's Stage Managament Sub-committee met with Laura Hannon from The Theatrical Guild and they talked about how the charity can be a real lifeline for members of the theatrical profession in times of trouble.  They support all the ‘unsung heroes and heroines of British theatre - the ones not in the limelight’.  This includes stage management, technicians, crew, as well as front of house staff; theatre managers, box office stage door staff and designers.

We often don’t realise that there are organisations out there for us, to give us a helping hand when times are tough.  Yet, they have been assisting people working backstage and front of house for over 120 years!  Support is usually in the form of one-off grants or ongoing financial relief but due to demand they are now offering access to counselling, information on welfare and benefits as well as funding for training and development within the theatre.

Support is tailored to you, depending on your requirements but educational grants given out over the last 12 months have included help for someone with access needs to attend the Stage Management Association conference, sponsorship for fees at the Bristol Old Vic and a development grant to attend 4 days training.

Other help has included grants to make essential purchases like food, white goods or to help make payments for bills when accidents or illnesses have meant work and regular income hasn’t been possible.

You might not need their help now but one day, you or someone you know, might do.  Bear them in mind and in the meantime, keep up to date with their activities including fundraising events and help them to spread the word by ‘liking’ them on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

If you have any queries or even if you’re feeling generous and want to donate contact Laura on or 020 7240 6062 or visit their website.

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