Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation


20 February 2018 | Currently Serving Moderator: Caron Jane Lyon

Branch Nominations & Support for Candidates for Council Election

22 January 2018

Elections - 89kb PDF

Following a referendum of the membership in early 2017, Equity’s branches are able to nominate
candidates for election to the Council, the union’s governing body. This facility is enshrined in the union’s Rules 14 and 15. The Council then updated the branch rules in September 2017 to define the process branches must undertake if they wish to nominate or support candidates in the election – Rule 14 for General
Branches, Rule 12 for Variety Branches and Rule 12 for the Online Branch.

Rules and Standing Orders for an Online Branch

2 May 2017

Rules - 219kb PDF

Rules and Standing Orders for an Online Branch
In accordance with Rule 16.2.1 of the Rules of the Union

Revised by Council 5th September 2017

OLB report: Anti-Bullying Workshop Report - 30th Jan 2017

10 February 2017

Branches - 132kb PDF

All Equity Branches were invited to send a representative to a recent anti-bullying workshop provided by Equity following the work and research carried out for the Creating Without Conflict campaign.

For the Online Branch, Committee Member Nana St Bartholomew-Brown Morgan attend on our behalf and has written this short report for us.

transcript - OLB01

1 November 2016

Reports and documents - 115kb PDF

Online Branch topic transcript 01

Equity Online Branch Committee Nominations Walkthrough

25 October 2016

Reports and documents - 976kb PDF

An illustrated walkthrough of the screens a member will progress through to register as a candidate in the Online Branch Committee Elections.

2016 Equity Website Survey Results

1 September 2016

Reports and documents - 1857kb PDF

Remember "THAT POP-UP"? Here are the responses.

Equity Online Branch - Guide to Motions

8 April 2016

Branches - 654kb PDF

This guide contain screenshots to help you recognise the elements you will encounter whilst participating in putting a motion through the online branch. This is the branch's developed platform architecture to enable equal member contribution to any subject needing branch wide agreement. Passed motions are then forwarded to the General Secretary for action.

As a member of the Equity’s Online Branch. (All Equity Members can be affiliated to a regional branch and take part in the online branch) This guide is going to help you understand what the Online Branch can do democratically, that Facebook can’t do. This is where the development money went!

Are you ready? It's not slick graphics, it’s not augmented reality it’s the ability to propose a motion, have it supported (seconded), allow amendments to be suggested, taken to debate, provide the proposer with the ‘right to reply’ including accepting and rejecting amendments before finally being placed before the entire branch under the Online Branch’s Rules and Standing Orders for a vote to support or reject the motion proposed.

OLB Working Party Report to Nov 2015 Council

14 November 2015

Reports and documents - 274kb PDF

On the 20th October the Online Branch's Working Party met to discuss the future of the branch. This report was drafted collaboratively post meeting after a set of recommendations were agreed. This document was then submitted to the November 2015 Council Meeting.

Introduction (extracted from document)

The Online Branch Working Party is recommending to the Equity Council that the Online Branch is opened to members from 1 January 2016 for a six month trial period and that from that date the Branch is constituted by the Council as a branch of Equity with the same democratic rights as other Equity branches as set out in the Online Branch Rules agreed by the Council in January 2012 (attached) and with the current members of the Working Party serving as the Branch Committee for the trial period.

The Online Branch – First Time Access Guide

14 November 2015

Reports and documents - 601kb PDF

This document has been created to help new members joining The Online Branch gain access to Branch.

So, whatever happened to the Online Branch and the Networks?

22 July 2015

Branches - 190kb PDF


Convenor: John Carnegie with: 11 Councillors, Representatives and other members. (No Staff were present.)

The main points of discussion (and conclusions, if any): Despite the deliberately provocative title (which was designed purely to drum up trade), the session was actually a positive attempt to identify current problems and possible solutions to them.

There were three basic reasons for this – set out here in order of historical occurrence.