Radio Commercials rate cards updates2

21 March 2012

Sample Docs - 143kb PDF

An explanation of the updates to the December 2011 version of the Equity IR Commercials Rate Card 2012

PACT Rates for Cinema Films 2013-2014

5 March 2012

Agreements and rates PACT - 477kb PDF

A digest of the Equity/PACT Cinema Agreement Rates

Equity Guide to Independent Radio Commercials 2012

7 February 2012

Guide to Equity IR Rates - 56kb PDF

An informal guide to the Equity Independent Radio Commercials Rate Card

Independent Radio Commercials Rate Card 2012 (Dec 2011 edition)

19 December 2011

Equity Rates for IR Commercials - 391kb PDF

Guidelines & Minimum Rates for analogue transmission commercials recorded via ISDN and in situ by radio stations and independent production facilities
The December 2011 edition of the rate card which came into effect on January 1st 2012.
Please click on the link on the previous pages for access to the latest additions.

Recorded media newsletter spring 2011

6 April 2011

Newsletters - 547kb PDF

A digest of Equity's work in recorded media

Extract Rates 2011

4 April 2011

Agreements and rates miscellaneous (recorded) - 80kb PDF

A digest of Equity rates for extracts covering recorded media employers

BBC Agreement for Audio Artists 2011-2012 (part 2)

3 April 2011

Agreements and rates BBC - 135kb PDF

Equity & BBC agreement for ad hoc chorus singers and solo light entertainment singers.

Guidelines for Non-Broadcast Video

3 April 2011

Agreements and rates miscellaneous (recorded) - 28kb PDF

Equity approved form of engagement for artists engaged in film or video recordings for non-broadcast use.

ITV Agreement for Main and Walk-on Artists 2007

3 April 2011

Agreements and rates ITV - 1226kb PDF

Equity & ITV agreement for engagement of all artists.

Mobisode Template for Day Players 2009

3 April 2011

Agreements new media - 81kb PDF

Equity form of engagement to be used by producers making a mobisode production for non-principal cast members.

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