Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Welcome to Equity's dance area

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Equity is the only trade union providing support for dancers and choreographers. We offer free legal help, insurance cover and advice on contracts.

Equity represents individual dancers when they experience difficulties at work such as breach of contract claims or workplace injuries. You do not have to be working on an Equity contract as a dancer to ask for our help.

We have intervened in numerous cases on behalf of our members for non payment and been successful in ensuring that they have been paid the money due to them.

Legal costs can be very expensive and being a member of Equity means that these are all paid for you.

Insurance cover
All Equity members are automatically covered, at no extra cost, by our Public Liability Insurance policy with a maximum cover of £10million. This covers our members for performing, choreographing and teaching the performing arts.

Dancer and choreographer members can also purchase a special top-up insurance to provide rapid access to MRI scans in the event of an injury. This costs just £10.50 a year.
Additionally, our members are also covered by an accident insurance policy which pays out in the event of an workplace injury at that leaves you unable to work.

Contract advice
Equity negotiates contracts for choreographers in the West End, commercial, independent and subsidised theatre, opera and ballet companies and major broadcasters.

Our members determine what we negotiate for, and it is through the power of us working together as one that ensures that the terms and conditions constantly improve.

Equity dance members have also formed a network for freelance dancers and choreographers and this is now a very active part of the union

Adrian Gas“When I teach at dance colleges, dancers tell me: ‘I’ve been told I should be doing gigs for free after I’ve left college so I get experience and choreographers get to know me’. I explain how they should view themselves as going into a profession and that they are studying for a career, not for just a lifestyle, so no, they shouldn’t work for free. We have all experienced the fear and lack of knowledge in those early stages and that’s why it is up to us, their fellow dancers, to guide and help them understand that by bringing people together we can have a united voice that will help us improve our industry and get us a fair deal.”

Adrian Gas, Choreographer

Find out more
For more information, contact Lucy Cadena on or 020 7670 0234.