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Fit to Dance Space Charter

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Equity and One Dance UK have joined forces to develop a new minimum standard for dance audition and rehearsal spaces across the UK.

Audition and rehearsal venues which have signed up as Fit to Dance Spaces demonstrate a commitment to environmental conditions which are suitable for dance work. Those who adopt the ten point Charter recognise that spaces, designed to be suitable for dance, are vital for the short and long term health and safety of dancers.

This Charter is designed to be achievable by the largest and smallest dance rehearsal venues. Its purpose is to celebrate good practice, encourage better practice and inform dancers, choreographers, teachers and producers.

The Charter can be downloaded as a PDF from this page.

How to Register

The Fit to Dance Space Charter is a voluntary scheme. Venues that sign up will benefit from knowing that they are meeting all minimum requirements for dance work and can be proud to be making a positive contribution to dancers’ health, fitness and wellbeing. It is also great publicity for your venue.

To sign up, send an email to Your venue will then be placed on a public register displayed on this page. You will be invited to download the Fit to Dance Space logo, which you are encouraged to display throughout your premises, website and marketing materials

Equity and One Dance UK members are encouraged to approach local dance studios and venues to invite take up of the Charter.

For more information please contact Beth Doran at

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