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Welcome to Equity's Designers' area

Theatre stage

You’re part of a creative team: now join ours

Equity represents designers every day and we work closely with the Society of British Theatre Designers and the Association of Lighting Designers. Here are just a few reasons to join:

Equity works hard to represent the interests of designers. Our agreements throughout the independent, commercial and subsidised sectors provide good standards for working practices in established theatre companies.

But whether you are working on one of our contracts or not, Equity can provide support in the case of a breach of contract, unpaid fees or other issues at work. We are happy to advise on how best to act when you have a dispute with your employer, represent you at individual disciplinary cases and take causes to court.

Protecting designers

Equity provides public liability insurance of up to £10,000,000 for members, especially important when working on the Fringe. We also supply personal injury support and insurance in the case of accidents at work. Plus, we provide a tax and benefits helpline and a bullying support line. Equity is also a campaigning union with a long track record of taking the issues that matter to designers to parliament and elsewhere.

Designing is as much a vocation as a career choice and it can be an isolating role. Join an organisation that understands your profession and can support you in it.

Designer Richard Lambert

“Although designers work as part of the creative team, it can be quite an isolating profession. Being part of Equity means I am connected to an organisation that understands and supports my working life. I have had personal experience of that support during a dispute over being paid for a job I had completed. Equity were truly fantastic and I would urge fellow designers to join.” Richard Lambert, Designer


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