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Welcome to Equity's Directors' area

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Equity supports theatre directors throughout their working lives, providing help with contracts, pay and professional development and there is a range of  benefits from the union's collective bargaining that being a member of Equity provides

Did you realise that Equity will represent individual directors who may be experiencing difficulties such as breach of contract claims? We have intervened in numerous cases on behalf of our members for non payment and been successful in ensuring that they have been paid the money due to them. Legal costs can be very expensive and being a member of Equity means that these are all paid for you.

Equity’s theatre directors’ committee
Equity’s theatre directors’ committee, now almost in its 40th year, boasts some of the finest names in the industry as former members, such as Richard Eyre, former artistic director of the National Theatre and Michael Attenborough, the previous artistic director of the Almeida. The committee is consistently at the forefront of negotiating contracts for theatre directors. It has worked on behalf of directors in the major subsidised companies, subsidised and non-subsidised repertory companies, commercial theatre, the fringe, opera and drama schools, as well as the first Equity contract for directors in the West End and No. 1 touring theatre and with the ITC, small and medium scale theatre.

On August 1st 2016 an improved payment structure and clearer detail on the duties of Assistant Directors working in the West End was brought in under a new deal negotiated by Equity.  This completes the protective agreements that the union has for assistant directors in commercial, subsidised and independent theatre.  Director and Equity member Lisa Blair, was instrumental in achieving the new agreement and there are more developments for Directors in the pipeline.  

“I am really pleased that this new agreement for assistant directors was swiftly implemented by both SOLT and Equity. It will benefit all assistant directors working on Equity contracts in West End productions. It will help them negotiate their salary because of the clear pay minimums and also enable them to have greater confidence in their specific role within a production.” Lisa Blair, Director

Fighting for the arts
Equity is a campaigning union with a long track record of taking the issues that matter to directors working in theatre, to parliament and other centres of influence. We continue to fight vigorous campaigns against arts cuts and we would really welcome your input and support.

Michael Grandage

“As theatre directors we work all the time with companies of actors, but as professionals we can sometimes feel a little isolated ourselves. Equity is an important collective voice and champions the role of directors. The union is fighting to defend jobs and conditions in theatre and its vision is to give creative teams greater influence in the running of arts organisations. I believe that the more theatre directors that join Equity, the greater influence we will have in maintaining the high quality of UK theatre. Equity will support you and, by joining the union, you will be supporting the future of theatre, one of the UK’s greatest success stories.”
Michael Grandage, Director

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