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Mihai Arsene - Actor


Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:

Based In:

Role Types:
East European, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, White

6' 1 " (185cm)

Playing Ages:
30s, 40s, 50s


Agency & Agent




Accents & Dialects: Arab, E. European, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin American, London, New York, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Standard American
Languages: English, Italian, Rumanian, Russian
Other: dancing, driving, singing, sport

Based In:


2012, , The Sun's Olympic's TV ad, The Sun newspaper, Actor

2011, Matt Follows, VIRGIN ACTIVE, Brooklyn Brothers, Stan

2010, , Nightly Drama - SAUDI ARABIA TV1, Turquoise Branding, Arab businessman

2014, Kevin MacDonald, BLACK SEA, Phenomenon Pictures, Ukrainian Drunk 2

2014, Stephen M Hunt, HEARTS OF COLD STONE, AVAnti Productions, Lenoir Jestin

2014, Dan Pero Manescu, THE AME OF THECHEETAH, AVAnti Productions, Andrew Wells-Clarke

2012, Adrian McDowall, GUTPUNCH, Escape Films, Radovan

2012, Sam Mendes, SKYFALL, MGM, Turkish Businessman

2012, Tommaso Pitta, PHOBIA, NFTS, The Man

2011, Delia Antal, DORA, 28 Films Ltd , Charlie

2011, Martin Scorsese, HUGO CABRET, GK Films, French Fisherman

2010, Joern Utkilen, ASYLUM, Imagine Pictures, Alfred Islami

2010, Richard Loncraine, THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP, Trilogy Films, EU Journalist

2010, Tom Hooper, THE KING'S SPEECH, Speaking Film Productions Ltd, Romanian Dignitary

2010, Matthew Vaughn, KICK ASS, MARV Films, NYPD Police Officer

2010, William Monahan, LONDON BOULEVARD, GK Films, Paparazzo III

2011, Torquil MacLeod, SATURDAY REVIEW - ARTS, BBC Radio 4, Himself (reading)

2003, Mircea Cornisteanu, Of the Carnival, Radio Oltenia, Nae Girimea

2012, Tristan Sharps, REST IS SILENCE, DreamThinkSpeak, Laertes' Bodyguard

2012, Anouke Brook, STILL I PRAY, Building Site Theatre @ BARBICAN, Kristaps Zvargulis

2011, Bridget Keehan, THE CONTAINER, Welsh Refugee Council, Ahmad

2010, Tristan Sharps, BEFORE I SLEEP, DreamThinkSpeak Ltd., Leonid Gayev

2009, Toma Enache, Bucharest Underground, Moving Theatre / Edric Hall Theatre, Orpheus (Nicu Orfeu Doman)

2009, Veronica Lazar, A Sense of Delicacy by A.P.Chekhov, AVAnti Productions / Leicester Square Theatre & Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010, Nikolay Andreich

2004, Puiu Serban, Europe Hotel, full , National Theatre of Craiova, Vipko

2004, Silviu Purcarete, The Twelfth Night, National Theatre of Craiova (Romania), Antonio

2004, Gisele Sailin, Therese Raquinn, National Theatre of Craiova, Laurent

2004, Puiu Serban, Europe Hotel, full, National Theatre of Craiova, The Italian Man

2003, Kincses Elemer, The Rise of Arturo Ui can be stopped!, National Theatre of Craiova, Caruther, the prosecutor

2003, Anca Maria Colteanu, The Woman in Cage, National Theatre of Craiova, Claudiu

2003, Mircea Cornisteanu, The Shrew Tame, National Theatre of Craiova, Actor IV (travesty!)

2003, Mircea Cornisteanu, The House of Dowdy , National Theatre of Craiova, Sandu

2003, Mircea Cornisteanu, The Shrew Tame, National Theatre of Craiova, Biondello

2003, Claudiu Goga, The Lower Depths, National Theatre of Craiova, Bubnoff

2002, Mircea Cornisteanu, Of the Carnival, National Theatre of Craiova, Nae Girimea

2001, Alexandru Boureanu, The Dog's Waltz, Anton Pann State Theatre, Henric Tile

2001, Emil Boroghina, Holiday Game, Anton Pann State Theatre, Mr. Bogoiu

2014, Daniel O'Hara, The Game, BBC Worldwide, Russian Nightclub Man

2013, Stephen Woolfenden, STRIKE BACK (season 4), Left Bank Pictures / SKY & HBO, Leonid Pelyovin

2012, Ben Gregor, THE MIDNIGHT BEAST, E4 / Warp Films, Albanian Waiter

2011, Crispin Reece, DARK MATTERS, Wide-Eyed Entertainment Ltd, French Lab Worker

2011, Stefan Bartmann, Verlobt, Verliebt, Verwirrt (Engaged and Confused) / ZDF, FFP New Media, Insurance Broker

2010, Philip Martin, MURDER IN THE ORIENT EXPRESS, ITV 1, Serbian Police Officer

2009, Sam Miller, SPOOKS, series 4, ep.8, BBC 1, Prisoner

2004, Mihai Arsene, Between Friends , TVR 2 Craiova Studio, TV Presenter

2001, Vlad Mugur, SERVANT FOR TWO MASTERS, TVR 1 & National Theatre of Craiova, Locanda Waiter / Florindo's Servant

2013, Chris Martinez, Are you Sophie?, Pinyata Ltd. & The Sophie Haynes Foundation, Gaz

2012, Mihai Arsene, Harap Alb Continues, Studio 12, Narrator

2012, Steven Brough, IPF Health & Safety DVD, Dramanon Ltd., Narrator