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I hope that you are all as well as can be expected in these difficult times. I have booked a Zoom Branch Meeting for Tuesday 29th September starting at 7.00 p.m.  and I hope that you will be able to join us. If you cant be there for the start join us when you can. If you have to leave before the end that is fine as well. With the recent changes in regulations I am sure there is a lot to talk about. Here are the details ;

 Meeting ID: 839 6062 8871

Passcode: 624925

Since our last meeting we have a new General Secretary elect , Paul Fleming who many of us supported. He has already given notice of some major changes within the Union which will benefit all of our Branches I am sure. I have a meeting with Paul on Monday along with Ian Bayes and will be able to tell you about that at our meeting on Tuesday .

I think that there will be some major changes made to the Equity Magazine. Could you have a think about what it might include that would encourage you to read it. We can talk about this on Tuesday as well.

We have a Facebook page that many of you are signed up to, this is Equity Birmingham Variety Branch. This group was set up by Lou Mayer in the early days of Facebook and over the years has attracted many people who are not actually Equity members. This is great when we need to publicise anything but I wanted to create a second group which is for members only. I actually did this some time ago. Just at the point in time when I was prevented from having a list of Branch members. I started to collect members to the group but didn't get very far. I would really like to get that up and running soon so that we can use it to communicate more quickly particularly with what is going on at the moment and various changes that keep occurring. Equity has produced a number of very helpful updates over the last few months but I do not find it very easy to pass this information out to you in a quick and easy way. The members only Facebook group would be much easier for me to use than producing emails such as this which have to be produced via the Union website. Could I ask you all therefore to join 'Birmingham Variety Branch Members Group.' I will join you as quickly as possible after you make the request I just need to verify that you are a member. If your Facebook name is not your Equity name could you please message, email or text me explaining that. My details are below.

Following the resignation of the Minorities Committee earlier this year Equity has set up an Independent Commission for Racial Equality  to establish the relative strengths and weaknesses of Equity's branch structures to identify, articulate and advance the interests o​f the union's Black and other minority ethnic  members. I would very much like to meet up with any of you within our branch who identify as being within any of these groups. It is really important that it is your voice that is heard and not what I think you would like to say. Equity is very keen to find ways in which it can properly represent all of its members and this is one area where it has not been too successful in the past. 

Hope, to see you on Tuesday

Kind regards


Contact Secretary  Alec Powell on 07831 115448 or Email

Make the most of your membership join us at the meetings have an opportunity to speak to our area organiser Ian Bayes who is usually with us.


Branch Newsletter November 2019