Los Angeles Network

The US West Coast Network is an exciting new venture for Equity members based in and around Los Angeles, USA.

Equity is building a new community of locally based members to increase networking, deliver events and provide a contact point for other UK Equity members looking to work in the USA.

WELCOME to a connection with a group of British Equity members continuing their entertainment careers out here in the place often referred to, as LALA Land!  We are a small group of volunteers who answered Matt Hood’s invitation for volunteers to aid in fellow BEMs not only being a little more informed before the long haul in the sky across the pond, but also to offer a source of support in navigating the vast new territory by establishing a West Coast British Equity connection. 

For those of you who are not yet aware, Matt Hood is the Head of Membership in the London Head Office and a delight to meet.  He has visited twice over the last year to encourage and get this great idea of a West Coast British Equity connection off the ground.  The second time he visited with his family on a personal vacation to see more of California.  Dedicated as he is, he still took time out of his busy schedule to meet again with a few of us to discuss our test event on Guy Fawkes eve (November 5, 2013).  No, they do not know who Guy Fawkes is over here but we still fly the flag.  Louise Grainger from London Head Office, set up an evite on line for the event, and we personally invited lapsed, current and those interested in becoming members to this event.  We held our breaths and hoped that we would have a good turnout.   It was held at the Pikey on yes, the famous Sunset Boulevard, a terrific English pub/restaurant in a private room.  It was a wonderful success.  Vic Armstrong, a stellar stuntman of many years, graciously agreed to be our guest speaker.   

Subsequently, London office decided to go ahead and organize a big event for the week-end of May 3-4, 2014, here in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.  We are all really excited about this event, so watch for more details, as if you are planning on crossing the pond by then, we would love for you to join us.   Without Matt Hood and Louise Grainger together with the British Equity office, none of this would be possible and we really are appreciative.

It certainly takes an adventurous spirit to pack up and move over 6,000 miles to another country where the only similarity, albeit a huge one, is the language.  Although, Oscar Wilde said, that England and America were two countries separated by the same language.  A few of us made that big transition a number of years ago,  others who are recent immigrants and we all have information that would be of great help and support that we are more than willing to share to ease the transition.   

Please find us on Facebook and join our network!

June Conniff

Equity UK/West Coast USA

More details to follow soon!