Online Branch

Welcome to the Equity Online Branch

If you are a current member of the branch, use your normal login for the main website and access the online branch here. 

As a member of Equity you are eligible to join the closest physical branch to your home address. Branches host regular meetings, propose motions and vote on actions to be taken. You can make a direct impact on the industry sector you work in.

The Online Branch provided the exact opportunity but is online only. You can connect with member in the chat room, vote on motions and have your say in how the union takes action on what needs to be done.

Where is the Online Branch?

It is a social network within the Equity website. It has all the rights and powers of a geographic branch but you can visit it at any time you like, from your own home, tour location or anywhere you have access to a computer, iDevice and the Internet.

What does it enable me to do?

Once logged in you can:

  • Review documents
  • Read up on the latest news and events
  • Join our chat room to discuss any industry topic with other Equity members and it can even lead to a Motion for formal discussion in our debating chamber and voting area, which could result in a motion to Equity Council or even the next Equity Annual Representatives Conference (ARC). We can send two representatives to the annual conference like any physical branch with more than 200 members.

Tell us what's important to you

Is there an aspect of our industry you'd like to discuss? Do you have a question about the industry? Would you like to ask fellow professionals for advice? This is a moderated group and we’ll do our best to seek answers for you from fellow professionals within Equity or beyond. Keep in touch with Equity no matter where you are in the world.

Join the Online Branch

If you are not a current member of the branch, you will need to withdraw from your allocated geographical branches by emailing Once completed, your normal login for the main Equity website will work.

Why join the online branch

As a performer or production creative it’s probably impossible for you to physically attend meetings on a regular basis: you are often travelling, your schedule is uncertain, you can't afford the costs of travel, childcare, taking time off work. This leaves you with no way to engage with your union, no way to have your voice be heard and you're left feeling totally disconnected.

The Online Branch allows you to attend meetings from the comfort of your own home or from any mobile device at any time. You can show up on live video to scheduled online meetings, just like a physical branch meeting or you can even enter the virtual forum 24/7 to join in a discussion or propose a motion to be voted on when a live video meeting isn't even happening.
This means you are free to engage with the branch when it's convenient for you!

What can I do in the Online Branch

  • Discuss Ongoing Issues & Motions 24/7 - Unlike physical branches, with the Online Branch
    you can participate in discussions at all times when it is convenient for you even outside of
    scheduled meeting times.
  • Propose & Vote On Motions 24/7 - Take a discussion to the next level by proposing any motion to the branch members 24/7 inside the Online Branch
  • Join Virtual Meetings and Webcasts Live - Just like a physical branch the Online Branch has
    scheduled meetings and events that you can participate in (or just watch live) from any browser or mobile device. Log in to find out more

Who runs the Online Branch

Just like any other branch the Online Branch has its own committee who are responsible for the day-to-day management of the branch and the moderation of the online discussion. The Committee decide between them what needs to be done to improve the Online Branch, carry out the tasks, and report back to you and Equity Council. The Committee also arrange and facilitate the live meetings, moderate the online discussion as well as help you propose, vote on and carry out motions.

The Online Branch Committee

The Online Branch committee consists of full time performers and stage managers just like you:

 Caron Lyon: Branch Chair - Caron is a stage manager and the chairperson of the branch
whose responsibility it is to oversee the operations of the branch as a whole. Caron is a veteran
of the online community world facilitating many live engagement events within Equity and
 Helen Raw: Branch Secretary - Helen is an actor, producer and is the branch secretary who is responsible for keeping all of the administrative duties of the official branch working. Helen is a well known community leader; championing the fair treatment of actors and in charge of the
British Actors Network with over 18,000 members.
 Jason Broderick: Public Relations Officer - Jason is an actor and the Public Relations Officer for the branch who's responsible for the marketing and communications of branch specific news, events, activities and content. Jason runs The Hustle Community with over 45,000 performing artist members and teaches an online marketing course for actors.
 Terry Victor - Terry is an actor, director writer and veteran activist within Equity. As one of the first to ever champion the foundation of an Online Branch, Terry has engaged tirelessly to see it come to fruition and provides a wealth of information and guidance as to how best to keep it functioning effectively.

Co-Opted Committee Members
● Maureen Beattie - Equity President
● Julia Carson-Sims - Equity Vice President
● Caron Reidy
● Lee Ravitz

How you can get involved with the Online Branch

If you want to really start having your say in how the union is run then we invite you to join in the online branch and really start to let your voice be heard.

1. Opt-In To Join The Online Branch - Log in to the Equity website, click the link to update your
profile and tick the box to "Join The Online Branch" this grants you permission to access the
Online Branch Website.
2. Join the Facebook Group - This closed group is for members only and allows us to guide you
through the process of getting up and running with the online branch and all its functions.
Members requesting join will be asked to provide their Equity membership number to the Branch
Chair before your request is accepted. Facebook Group.
3. Follow us on Twitter 

Look forward to seeing you in there. Visit the branch.

Caron, and the Online Branch Team.

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