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2018 COUNCIL AND PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. At our February 2018 branch meeting, a motion was passed which agreed that the branch will a) consider requests for nomination or support from any candidate for a General Council seat and b) do likewise for any Presidential candidate, although the branch will ultimately choose only one Presidential candidate to support.

Candidates for General Council seats will be welcome to speak, or have a statement read, at a branch meeting, as long as they have asked to be put on the agenda of the meeting a minimum of 7 days beforehand, as per the rules.

We are planning to decide which Presidential candidate to support (if asked) at our May branch meeting - Wed 9th May - ie the first meeting after nominations close. 

Our Branch Mission Statement:

We are the West & South West London Branch of Equity UK. Equity is the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners dealing with contracts, pay and conditions for aspects of the performing industry in theatre, screen, new media and variety 

We are committed to empowering members in their search for work.  We believe in working at a grass-roots level to actively support members. We are focused on strengthening and helping our branch members build their professional skills and creative contacts. 

We strive for equality and fairness throughout our profession. Positivity, support and encouragement towards each other is of paramount importance. Our branch operates a zero-tolerance policy towards any and all forms of discrimination, bullying and violence.

Carpe Diem! Stronger Together.


W&SW London Equity Branch Newsletter August 18

July 2018 Branch Meeting Agenda

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