Saturday 14th November – Branch Meeting

Saturday 14th November – Branch Meeting – 11.00am on Zoom –  Guest Speaker Louise McMullan - Deputy for the General Secretary (Campaigns, Policy & Communications) Equity. Eventbrite to Register

Louise will be sharing overarching view of Communications Review + Summary of the recent Focus Groups which Branch Members have been involved with on: Social Media, Equity App, Political Lobbying, Activist Campaigns, Website, Press & Media, Magazine.  
Do complete this Survey to give your feedback on what you think of recent Communications for your Union.

PLUS – Anette Pollner to update Branch Members on Equity’s NUKBA (non uk born Artists) network that was launched on 1 October.

SRC – Special Representative Conference – Branch Representatives: James Ivens & Shenagh Govan. Our Branch Motion is part of the agenda. We will be seeking Branch thoughts on the 9 motions.

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Lorraine Malby