April 2018 Branch Meeting

30 March 2018

Yes, it’s that time of year again! The Annual Representative Conference is fast approaching; that’s where Equity’s policy and priorities for the forthcoming year are decided. Branches from all over the country have submitted 50 or so motions to be debated – and any motion which is passed at the ARC HAS to be acted on by Equity. So the committee will be choosing 10 or so of the most compelling motions for the branch to discuss at April’s branch meeting, so your representatives can go to the ARC in May armed with your views. 5 motions - 10 mins discussion each - simultaneously – times 2. Just pick a motion you’re interested in, sit down, join the discussion – and influence your union’s future. It’ll make the Referendum debate look like a Trappist monk press conference. Unmissable!