Suggestions Needed - Branch ARC ideas

So, Equity's Annual Representative Conference (ARC) takes place every year, usually in the Spring. The Council and Representatives from the committees and branches come together to propose and debate policy and move forward the work of the union.

Decisions that are passed at the ARC with a two thirds majority become union policy. The conference usually lasts for two days with the agenda covering Recorded Media, Live Performance, Union Structure, Equality, Health and Safety, Communications and Membership Services.  Members who are not involved in a committee or branch but would like to attend the ARC can come as an Observer.  Information about how to get a place is always published in the spring issue of the Equity Magazine.

Importantly we need your suggestions for what our branch's 2018 motion should be. They don't need to be perfectly articulated yet - we can refine the wording of it if needs be - but for now we need the issues that you feel passionately about that you'd like Equity to address. Please come armed with ideas to our meeting on Monday 5th March at HUB.