Your 2019 General Branch Committee are as follows:

  • Chair: Christopher Strain
  • Vice Chair: Chris Connel
  • Secretary: Rosie Stancliffe
  • Assistant Secretary: Stephen McGuire
  • Treasurer: Sue Reid
  • Branch Officers: William Wyn Davies, Robert Fisher, Dolores Poretta-Brown & Wendy Richardson

Please feel free to email us with any queries, membership questions or work-related issues:

And follow up to date activities of the branch and it's members on

Facebook: Equity UK North East of England Branch

Twitter: Equity NE Branch (@EquityNE_Branch)

For any confidential issues of Bullying or Sexual Harassment please don't hesitate to contact Equity's hotline: 020 7670 0268 or or if you feel able contact one of your committee members directly.