Self-tapes are frequently being used by casting directors these days, so being able to record your own audition at home is a useful skill to learn. The committee are currently organising a self-taping workshop, which we hope to bring to you at some point later in the year. However, there are lots of resources out there on the internet which you can check out in the mean time, and which won't cost you any money. 

Spotlight have a number of videos about self-taping, including one from casting director Ros Hubbard with some good advice

Self Tape Scotland are a new service based in Glasgow, who offer various packages for self-taping that you have to pay for. However their Facebook page has lots of great free tips, from selecting a backdrop to knowing what casting directors are looking for. 

Equity have also produced a quick video guide to self-taping, which you can find on YouTube.

What sort of things do you want to know about self-taping? Are you looking for more advice on the technicalities of uploading a clip and sending it to a casting director? Or would you appreciate a bit more information on framing and recording your audition? Or do you have some great advice that you'd like to pass on? Let us know!