Fund A Resident Storyteller in Children’s Hospices

Please have a look, and then send this crowdfunder link to as many people as you can.

I know that many of you may well be unable to afford even a small donation – but you do have an even more valuable resource – you have contacts – and somewhere out there, there must be someone who loves the hospices, recognises the power of stories and would be prepared to offer some financial support. I just need your help to get this crowdfunder message out there.

I did ask Arts Council England for a grant but my application failed. It seems that traditional/oral storytelling is not artistic enough and hospices cannot offer large enough audiences to justify their funding. But stories are important and I believe that a Resident Storyteller can be an invaluable resource in children’s hospices. Please help! Help me to bring traditional storytelling to sick children and their families.

The Tintagel Storyteller
YouTube Video Clips: