There can be no doubt that the impact of Brexit on our industry and our members will be wide reaching and without input from unions like Equity – could be devastating.

The Equity Council has agreed 5 clear campaigning objectives on Brexit, namely:

1) Fighting to ensure lost Creative Industries funding from the EU is matched and guaranteed by the UK government.

2) Campaigning on Free Movement for workers - an essential right for our members.

3) Joining with the TUC and others to ensure that workers’ employment rights including hard fought for rights to rest and holiday pay are safeguarded.

4) Vocal Opposition to a NO DEAL BREXIT that would devastate members’ careers, incomes and ability to provide for loved ones.

5) Opposing the imposition of a hard border on the island of Ireland.

There are many challenges facing the creative industries because of Brexit:

Nearly 10% of live arts organisations currently rely on the Creative Europe fund. Many others, particularly small theatres, make use of European Social Funding and other European financial support. Without these funds - and in an environment of severe local authority cuts - local arts are going to struggle.

Film and Television also face extreme uncertainty, particularly the successful industry that has emerged in Northern Ireland. Productions such as Game of Thrones have provided a massive boost to the local economy and have created loads of jobs for workers on both sides of the border. We urgently need firm guarantees about freedom of movement throughout Ireland in order to ensure the future of this work.

Performers are some of the most mobile workers in the economy - dancers, models, audio artists, circus and variety artistes regularly work across the EU. Equally many EU and international creative workers train, live and work in the UK – why? Because we are one of centres of the world’s creative economy.

Creative workers are highly skilled - but - because of their unpredictable income and working patterns they do not always fit neatly into Home Office criteria for existing, let alone future visa regimes possible under Brexit. 

Alongside the other unions involved in this debate we call on the Government to secure the future of EU workers living in the UK.

We also call on the Government to make use of the expertise we have in our unions. In our sector, DCMS has had dialogue with employers and funding bodies through the Creative Industries Council and we think it’s time that then unions were invited to join them.

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