Too often, productions that are filming, rehearsing or being performed across the regions and nations of the UK don't look at the casting opportunities on their doorsteps. We know that professional talent is available right across the UK and we want those making the casting decisions to provide opportunities for local talent to be seen as a standard part of their casting process.

This campaign will be driven by local branches and their Equity organisers as they are best placed to understand the most effective ways in which we can achieve that goal. That could be approaching theatres to have a local casting open day, building a regular forum with local engagers or lobbying local government to make a commitment to include local casting as a condition of funding.

What the priorities are for your area are up to you, so please visit your local branch and join them in creating a Cast it Here action group.

What is my local branch?

Wherever you are based in the UK, there will be a branch: a community of Equity members who meet as a group to discuss the issues facing the industry, both locally and nationally. Branches hold regular meetings, organise and campaign. Equity has both General Branches, which are open to all members, and Variety Branches, which are specifically for members who work in variety. You can find your local branch here.

How do I register for a branch?

Simply log in to the Equity website and go to the 'my account' section, here:

 Select the 'Branches 'tab (or on mobile, select 'Branches' from the drop-down list) and then you can pick which branch you'd like to be a member of, and tick to opt in.

Who is my local organiser?

You can find a detailed list of contacts, including for the regional and national offices, here. You can also always check the Equity diary or the inside back cover of the magazine.


The union is producing posters, leaflets and other materials that will be available to the branches to promote the campaign and please also sign up for email updates about this campaign. When logged into the site you can find the sign-up button on the right hand side of this page.




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