Too often, talented people aren't cast in roles they would be perfect for. They aren't given enough notice before an audition to secure childcare. They can't afford to travel to meet the casting director. They physically can't access an audition space. 

This is all preventable. We are seeking to change the audition process, and ensure good practice principles are adopted which ensure that casting is fairer, clearer, less stressful and more inclusive for all. That's why we have created the Manifesto for Casting. 

The manifesto seeks to give all talented performers a chance to excel, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or socioeconomic background. It also underscores that actors should not be forced to move to London to pursue their careers, or give up their ambitions when they assume caring responsibilities.

We need to widen the net and open up opportunities for all parties: performers, casting directors, agents and audiences.

As General Secretary Christine Payne said: "Our industries will only thrive by attracting and retaining professional talent, regardless of background or circumstances, to meet the ever growing demands for audio and audio-visual creative content on stage, on screen, online and on demand. This manifesto will be used by the union to seek the changes that will ensure the continued success of our creative industries.”

The Manifesto is used by Equity to seek the changes that will ensure the continued success of our creative industries.

In January 2018, we saw the Casting Directors' Guild (CDG) release a new code of conduct that included key points from the manifesto, including provisions on diversity, access, local casting and informing performers when they have not got a role. 

Membership of the CDG is conditional upon an applicant accepting the code of conduct.

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