Before the Audition


  • Submissions made should be relevant to the role and performers’ information should be up-to-date


  • A question requesting the access requirements of performers should be included in every invitation to audition

Nudity/simulated sex

  • No sex act should be requested at any audition A performer should not be requested to undress in whole or in part unless a mutually agreed observer is present


  • Equity members have a responsibility to turn up on time, be prepared and give the earliest possible notice of cancellation
  • All involved in the casting process have a responsibility to ensure performers are given the opportunity to prepare and give of their best

Preparation time

  • Castings should be planned, where possible, with a realistic time frame to allow casting directors and agents enough time to enable performers to prepare properly


  • Reasonable consideration should be given to the cost to performers when attending auditions

Caring responsibilites

  • The caring responsibilities of performers should be recognised and, wherever practicable, accommodated