Statements on Diversity

Equity's Casting Working Party has worked with the Personal Managers' Association, the Casting Director's Guild, the Co-operative Personal Management Association and Spotlight.

In doing so, the union has formed an positive and open relationship with these organisations. The CDG, PMA, CPMA and Spotlight will continue to work with Equity's industrial committees to improve the casting process.

Each organisation has also written a statement on diversity.

Personal Managers' Association

The PMA – a network of talent agencies in the UK – is committed to working towards an inclusive and diverse cultural industry. Our vision encompasses diversity in its fullest expression to include race, background, age, gender, sexuality and disability. As an organisation we can achieve this aim by promoting and engaging with campaigns that identify and tackle discrimination. As individual agents we recognise our responsibility to engage with our colleagues across the industry – including producers, casting directors and, most importantly, our own clients: to understand the complexity of diversity; to challenge assumptions; and to play our part in creating stories that are a bold reflection of the world we share.

The Casting Directors' Guild

The Casting Directors’ Guild of Great Britain and Ireland is committed to diversity in the performing arts in all its forms. The Guild and its members recognise that the live and recorded arts should reflect our society and the world that we live in and encourages all its members to be mindful that audiences are diverse and that diversity in casting is crucial to engagement with those audiences. It is the aim of the Guild and its members to achieve a balanced portrayal of women, Black, Asian and minority ethnic, LGBT and Deaf and Disabled people. The Guild and its members shall strive to enable the casting of actors from all backgrounds, regardless of socio-economic status and to engage with producers and directors to create opportunity and access. The Guild will continue to engage in collaboration and discussion around the subject of diversity with our industry colleagues and other professionals.


Spotlight has always been committed to ensuring that professional performers of all backgrounds have the opportunity to be cast in productions for live or recorded media. We aim to develop tools and services which promote a diverse and inclusive casting process. By supporting the Equity Manifesto for Casting and working with partners such as the CDG, PMA and CPMA, we aim to use our influence to encourage industry decision-makers to consider the most diverse range of talent when casting a production. We work to ensure that Spotlight gives casting directors access to a range of performers who represent society and the stories that are being told. We are committed to working with organisations which encourage people of all backgrounds to consider a career in the performing arts, to provide a constant flow of new and diverse talent into our industry. We support performers throughout different stages of their career, doing all we can to help them to continue working professionally. We are committed to developing our services and resources to allow all users of Spotlight to take advantage of them, regardless of any specific access requirements.

Co-operative Personal Management Association

The CPMA represents the UK’s actors’ co-operative agencies. Co-operative agencies strive to achieve diverse client lists and look forward to helping Casting Directors achieve the widest diversity in casting. The CPMA welcomes Equity’s Inclusive Casting Policy and the Manifesto for Casting, and we are pleased to be working with our colleagues in the PMA and CDG to develop more inclusive casting in live and recorded media.