For Producers and Engagers

Even if you are operating on a micro budget you may be able to offer Equity contracts – we have a range of agreements specially designed for productions which cannot pay full rates.

Using an Equity agreement puts you in touch with the best professional performers and creative workers; creates a clear, efficient framework for avoiding and resolving problems during the production; identifies you as an ethical employer; and protects you from risks of legal action.

Please note that the Equity Fringe Agreement is not suitable for productions in receipt of public funding. If you are in receipt of public funding then in line with Arts Council, Equity and ITC policies you should offer industry standard rates of pay such as those negotiated by Equity and the ITC 

Contact Equity’s Low Pay No Pay Organiser Karrim Jalali with any questions, or fill in this form to arrange a conversation about using an appropriate Equity agreement for your production.