Deputies (or deps) are the union's workplace representatives. They are volunteers who are elected by the company to be the point of contact between Equity staff and Equity members on their production. 

A dep is someone a fellow member can turn to if they have any questions or issues within the company, who raises any issues with their union, and who relays information from the Equity offices. 

A key role of the Equity deputy is to encourage non-members to join the union, to get involved, and to work collectively to improve the industry for everyone. As one, you will receive training and support on carrying out the role. You will also get a quarterly newsletter with news, negotiations, and information to support you.

If you are working in recorded media and are interested in getting involved, get in touch with Shannon Burns at

If you are a deputy working in theatre and live performance, and would like more information, contact Lottie Stables on

In the words of Obioma Ugoala, 2018 Equity deputy for Hamilton: "If you're considering being a dep, do it, choose, and be empowered by the fact you have chosen. The very fact you are thinking about it is a good thing and it shows that you have a care and a consideration for the workings of the company and the wider community."