The Cost of Living Crisis March 18 June 2022

Tell the Government to act on the cost of living crisis. Join Equity and the rest of the trade union movement in London on 18 June 2022.

  • Assemble from 10.30am, Portland Place W1
  • March departs 12pm
  • Rally 1pm in Parliament Square

Now is the time to stand with fellow trade unionists and community groups to demand that the Government do more to shield us from the debilitating impacts of the cost of living crisis. Join us – alongside members of all UK trade unions – in London on Saturday 18 June to march for a new deal for working people, real help with energy bills, and a pay rise.

Why does this matter?

The current cost of living crisis is worsening the economic and social position of Equity members, alongside many other working and ordinary people in the UK. As inflation reaches record levels, our wages simply haven’t kept up. As energy costs leave households out of pocket, oil and gas companies reap massive profits. And as increasing numbers of people and families fall into poverty, the Government response – or lack thereof – has been woeful.

Fight for our collective welfare

We know that economic and social instability are nothing new for Equity members. Our recent survey to members on the impending changes to Universal Credit revealed that a shocking 53% of respondents were on the precipice of experiencing financial hardship due to the removal of the £20 uplift. 43% stated that this would mean they would not be able to meet housing and other essential costs.

Protect our mental health

The economic instability faced by our members – including costs of childcare, rent and more – sits at the heart of a mental health crisis experienced by workers across the creative industries. This has led Equity to develop a Mental Health Charter, calling on the industry and the Government to address the issues of pay and insecurity at work, which are fuelling the mental health crisis. 

Help with travel

The march is being organised by the TUC and if you live outside of London you may be able to book a seat on a coach, with many places being subsidised or free. This is being co-ordinated by regional TUCs and you can find out more here on the TUC website.

The role of Equity branches is also critical in mobilising members to attend the demonstration, and guidance will be shared with Branch Secretaries to help identify where transport may be available for members outside London.

Accessibility for Deaf and Disabled members

You can find accessibility information on the TUC website.

Further details and contact information