Plan your own campaign

Do you, or your branch, want to make a difference? Why not plan your own campaign?

Strong unions which actively campaign about issues that are important to members are better able to bring about positive change. 

Each individual has the potential to influence decision-makers, particularly at local level.

Some people do not have the confidence or the knowledge to act on their beliefs, and some are even afraid that campaigning will compromise their chance of work. 

However, if the 43,000 people who are the members of Equity spread the campaigning among them, then they have more chance of being protected and getting things done, rather than spreading it solely among the 55 people who are members of Equity staff.

After all, Equity is not the staff or the buildings; these are only resources the union provides to assist Equity members to advance their goals.

You can find our guide to planning your own campaign here. This includes case studies, model letters to MPs and councillors, and an example of a local campaign action plan. You can also find our planning your own campaign poster here.

In these austerity times it is the squeaky door that gets oiled. With hospitals and schools under threat, it is increasingly difficult to advance the issues relating to performers, stage management and the creative team. Only by significantly increasing the amount of grassroots activity undertaken by members, with the assistance of staff, can a critical mass of campaigning be developed that might just keep enough workplaces open for the next generation to enjoy.