Policy Work

The issues facing our members are not always limited to a specific workspace or employer. Some challenges exist across a city or region or across the country, and Equity recognises that one of the best ways of addressing these is through policy.

We work with MPs and Peers across the political spectrum, and with local and national governments in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland as well as in Westminster. We campaign and lobby for employment and equality rights, copyright reform, a voice in Brexit negotiations and a halt to arts cuts. We brief MPs, ministers, civil servants, mayors and other decision-makers, we prepare consultation responses, ask Parliamentary questions, and host a number of Parliamentary events each year, from drop-ins to social events. We organise adjournment and Westminster Hall debates, speaker meetings, receptions, demos and rallies.

Some years ago we joined forces with fellow unions Musicians’ Union and Writers’ Guild of Great Britain to form the Performers’ Alliance All-Party Parliamentary Group, which has 70 MPs and Peer members from all of the major political parties represented at Westminster.  Together, we seek national structural change to improvement conditions for performers, creatives and writers.