Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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FEU Training

Equity, NUJ (National Union of Journalists), The Writers’ Guild and the Musicians’ Union  are the Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU).  We have joined forces to create FEU Training to help our members develop the key business skills needed to support career progress and it is all for free! 

FEU Training provides training, information, advice, guidance and skills development opportunities to support your freelance career in the creative industries. The reason why FEU Training’s business skills courses, events and online resources are so popular is that they are designed and developed for freelance creatives by freelance creatives and delivered in a creative environment. This means that what you learn has direct and positive impact on your creative life. 

Equity members and student members along with members of any of the other partner FEU unions can register for free at

"It’s a stimulating learning environment that works for creatives. Training is developed especially for freelances so we learn skills that are wholly relevant to improving our working lives."  Tigger Blaize, Equity member.

Find out what your unions are doing and how you can benefit:

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