Actor: James Fairley

My Summary

What I can bring to your production is experience in youth. I have been involved in near every element of producing both stage and filmed productions: from writing and directing, to producing and editing and even being a stage hand, boom operator and lighting designer. And of course: acting. I have worked with many award winning companies in productions of a wide variety. I am more experienced in theatre but looking to expand into filmed productions. I will be particularly interested in any period pieces. I studied History at the University of Southampton and love historical projects as they give me the excuse of “researching a character” when I pick up a book on a topic I’ve not yet covered. In recent years I have worked through the Dikensian era, the Opium Wars and had a quick hop back to the 1980’s. Another great love of mine is Shakespeare and Shakespearian styled characters. My Sebastian in “Twelfth Night” (Maskers Theatre Co., 2019) was very favourably reviewed, whilst the grand, amoral assholes such as Don Juan, Cassanova and the Second Earl of Rochester are a bread and butter to me. When I am not working, I enjoy writing scripts, playing hockey, reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction and challenging myself as a performer to expand my skillset- whether this be dance, singing or learning a new musical instrument, or a random new skill. I have become a good mixologist of late and enjoy making tailored cocktails, have begun going to more gigs and concerts to expand my (admitedly pretty crap) music taste and challenging myself with Rasperry Pi builds. Little has thrown me in my years of acting, I am always proffessional and punctual, sociable and focussed and willing to throw myself in to help in any other area required. I have visited most European nations already and am willing to go further afield for a role. I’m also happy with any hair or facial hair changes required.


Alex Paterson & Jay Orbaum, Not For Broadcast, Not Games, Posh Chris
Faye McRae, The Railway Children, M&M Theatrical Productions, Mr Perks/ Father/ Old Gentleman
Victor Sobchak, Masks- The Feast During the Plague, Theatre Collection, Don Juan
Fran Morely, Twelfth Night, Maskers Theatre Company, Sebastian
Sarah Russell, Great Expectations, Maskers Theatre Company, Pip
Ian Wilson, 100, Maskers Theatre Company, Alex
Nikolas Kunesch, Drama., Theives Productions, Iago
Reiss Massicotte, Othello, RHUL, Robertson
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Actor Build
Based In Locations
London, Scotland, S.E England, USA - Los Angeles
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
dark brown, light brown
Hair Length
6'3" (190cm)


  • Teens
  • 20s
  • White (English)
  • White (Scottish)
  • White (Northern Irish)
  • White (Irish)
  • White (any other white background)
  • English
  • Scots
  • England
  • North American
  • Scotland
  • Other
  • Europe
  • Ireland