Variety: Kev G

My Summary

Kev G is a close-up magician based in the Midlands out to bring something fresh to social engagements, while adding a bit of ‘cool’ to proceedings. If you’re looking for a classier alternative to your standard “rabbit in a hat trick” magic, then look no further! From an early age, Kev G realised the impact that well-performed magic can have on people and the memories these experiences can evoke. Kev G’s particular approach to magic was born out of necessity. We’ve all been to events where the entertainment provided just doesn’t cut it and there’s something missing. Driven by a genuine desire to provide people with an unforgettable experience, Kev G has worked extremely hard at honing his skills over the years so that you will have a day to remember. So Kev G’s mission is simple – to supply you with incredible magic, performed and executed in true style! It’s all about the experience and Kev G wants you and your guests to laugh, gasp and scratch your head thinking…’how on earth did he do that?’
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  • Magic and Illusion
  • Close up Magic
  • Illusionist
  • Magician
  • Mind Reader