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Equity magazine archive

Autumn 2017

Equity Magazine Winter 2017

This magazine covers the launch of our Manifesto for Casting, the union's campaign to make casting clearer, fairer, less stressful and more inclusive for all, and of the Play Fair Casting Questions Card, which details which questions actors do not need to answer in auditions. Performer Guy Woolf talks about being a drag queen, and industry's need for greater representation of individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Further news covers the new Equity Distribution Scheme and the introduction of Graduate Membership. 

Summer 2017

Equity Autumn Magazine 2017

Spring 2017

Equity Spring Magazine 2017_1

Winter 2016

Equity magazine Winter 2016 mag cover

In this magazineDirector Daniel Evans discusses career, auditions & equalities. Jackie Clune talks about being a Dep and a performing parent. Denville Hall celebrates 90 years and we have a report from the TUC Conference.

Autumn 2016 

Equity magazine autumn 2016 cover

The magazine launches the union’s Play Fair campaign, which will challenge the industry on under-representation of diversity and discriminatory practices in the casting process. Further news covers the recovery of £14m from the US studios, an improved agreement for West End directors and the launch of mental health support website

The magazine also features an interview with Nina Conti as she prepared for her Edinburgh shows and a report from the recent union conference.

Summer 2016 

Equity magazine Summer 2016

The Summer 2016 features actor Timothy Watson on playing the arch villain Rob Titchener in The Archers and the value of radio drama. The Equity Council reveals its decision on the EU vote, Lisa Mellor discusses stage management buy-out deals and we examine the concept of unconscious bias. 

News concerns changes to Class 2 National Insurance, the latest sign ups to our Professionally Made Professionally Paid campaign and the launch of the union's new interactive platform about joining the union Chatter Box! 

Spring 2016

Equity magazine Spring 2016 cover

Actor and rapper Riz Ahmed discusses the rise of UK film and his upcoming role in Star Wars: Rogue One. He also reflects on the US and UK movie scenes, saying: “Both societies seem to have a form of denial when it comes to the stories they are telling”. 

The magazine also features the launch of agreements in commercial theatre and cinema film. Through the enforcement of our film agreement the union has recovered more than $15 million for members over the past three years.

Winter 2015
Equity Winter magazine 2015 cover

The Winter 2015 magazine covers the campaigns to defend the BBC and Stop Arts Cuts and features an interview with Julia Ormond talking about working in Hollywood. Members including Mark Rylance, and Tanya Moodie argue for the future of the BBC, which is coming under sustained attack by politicians and media rivals. The magazine also covers success stories such as the first meeting of the new Dance Committee, a celebration of 10 years of the union's career information service and Ian McKellen’s visit to the launch of a new Oxford branch.

Autumn 2015
Equity magazine Autumn 2015 mag cover


The Autumn 2015 Equity magazine is available to download

This new edition features an interview with comedian Sara Pascoe about the launch of Equity’s new comedians’ network. Actress Kim Tserkezie discusses the roles offered to disabled talent and we feature a report from the union’s annual conference. News concerns the latest West End deal, a pay rise in PACT TV and a legal win against a theatre producer.

 Summer 2015

Equity magazine Summer 2015

The cover star of Equity Summer 2015 is Rebecca Root who will be starring in Boy Meets Girl later this year. This will be the first time a mainstream UK channel has cast a trans person (Rebecca) to play a trans character in a sitcom. Samuel West talks about how we don’t need to choose between the NHS and the arts when it comes to government funding. We highlight the arts and entertainment issues in the upcoming election and report on our first audiobooks Conference. Other news includes David Morrissey writing in support of our Professionally Made Professionally Paid campaign.


Spring 2015
Equity magazine spring 2015

The Equity Spring 2015 edition launches the Professionally Made Professionally Paid campaign that aims to combat the problem of low and no pay in the entertainment industry. Stage manager Rachael Presdee describes how a preventable accident left her in a wheelchair and unable to continue her career. We report on the bullying that is rife in the stunt industry and interview Anita Dobson about her mentoring work with the Actors Centre.

Winter 2014
Equity Winter magazine 2014

This edition features an interview with comedian, actor and writer Francesca Martinez. She discusses why she believes the concept of ‘being normal’ is a political issue. Success stories include our welfare rights team defending members who work overseas, a new Fringe deal with Hope Theatre and leading venues pledging greater gender equality on stage. We also go behind the scenes at the actors’ retirement home Denville Hall, cover the progress of the Live Entertainment Works! campaign and report on our work at the recent TUC conference.

Autumn 2014

Equity magazine Autumn 2014 download

This edition features an interview with Downton actor Jim Carter who reveals his background in avant garde theatre and circus skills. We launch the Live Entertainment Works! campaign which aims to inform pubs and clubs about the changes to licensing laws that make it easier for venues to showcase live performers. There is a report from the union’s annual conference and the first column for Equity’s newly-elected President Malcolm Sinclair.

Summer 2014

Equity magazine Summer 2014

The Summer 2014 Equity magazine is available to download.

This new edition features an interview with musical theatre actor Keisha Amponsa Banson who details her fascinating journey from reality TV show I’d Do Anything to professional musical star. Hugh Bonneville writes about how his early experiences watching theatre formed him as an actor and why he believes the My Theatre Matters! Campaign is so important. We also reveal record royalty payments in film and launch a new guide to campaigning.

Spring 2014

Equity magazine Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 edition leads with an interview with comedian Alan Davies who is celebrating 25 years as an Equity member. There is a fascinating feature on Equity’s involvement with the anti-apartheid struggle and we reveal low pay levels in the industry. Success stories include a casting event for our deaf and disabled members and our visit to Parliament to make the case for arts funding. Download this edition.

Autumn 2013

Equity Magazine Cover Autumn 2013

The Autumn 2013 features an interview with Star Trek actress Alice Eve about working in Hollywood and we also provide a guide to getting work in LA and launch the Equity network in the city. Other news concerns the latest conditions for commercial dancers and a report from the TUC conference. It also carries the regular features of membership offers, branch updates and the letters page. Download this edition.

Summer 2013

Equity Magazine Summer 2013 cover













The Summer 2013 Equity magazine reveals the part Liberty played in helping us protect your data from the government. Shami Chakrabarti explains why privacy is a human right and how she got involved in the Olympic opening ceremony.  Meanwhile, playwright Fin Kennedy gives the background on his tussle over arts cuts with culture minister Ed Vaizey and there is a report for the union's annual conference.

Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Magazine 

The Spring 2013 Equity magazine launches the My Theatre Matters! campaign, where members are encouraged to join with audiences and protest against local council arts cuts. It also features an interview with Robert Lindsay who has recently become the president of the Royal Theatrical Fund and actress Ann Mitchell who reflects on the lack of roles for older women on stage and screen.

Review of the year 2012

Review of the Year 2012












In the Review of the Year 2012, Tanya Franks tells us about playing troubled characters in EastEnders and Pulling, while Sky’s head of entertainment, Sophie Turner  Laing, explains how Equity’s campaigning changed the broadcaster’s view of programme credits. It also highlights the work of local branches, demonstrates how easy it is to get involved with Equity and celebrates the new Live Music Act.

Autumn 2012

Equity magazine Autumn 2012 cover













The Autumn 2012 edition of the Equity Magazine leads with an interview with actress Joely Richardson who reveals her reasons for getting back on stage and why she is supporting the Actors Centre. It includes features on low pay/no pay and our anti-cuts campaign plus a Q&A with contemporary dancer Nicholas Keegan, who performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Summer 2012
Equity magazine Summer 2012






The Summer 2012 Equity magazine features Paloma Faith talking about her colourful career before she became a pop star, the inside story on theatre fight direction and a report from the union’s annual conference. We also have news of our latest campaign against arts cuts (Invest for Success), and our regular sections on members’ discounts, letters and In Appreciation.


Spring 2012

Equity magazine Spring 2012

The Equity magazine Spring 2012 launches our campaign to support professionals who want to come out. It also contains an interview with actress Sally Hawkins, who reveals how the union supported her after an accident on set, the latest news on the Olympics and a Q&A with ‘new variety’ act The Boy with the Tape on His Face.

Review of the Year 2011

Review of the Year 2011

Reflecting on 2011, the Review includes an interview with Equity Councillor Sanita Simms on the changing face of the Equity Council, the union’s ruling body. It also features actress Caroline Quentin explaining why she serves as an Equity Deputy, opera star Sir John Tomlinson speaks about his stellar career and freed Burmese comedian Zarganar thanks Equity members for their campaign to get him released from jail.

Autumn 2011

Equity magazine cover Autumn 2011

The Equity magazine Autumn 2011 contains an interview with actor Colin Salmon and director Michael Grandage, a magical Q&A plus campaign news on credits and saving the Dukes in Lancaster.

Summer 2011

Equity magazine Summer 2011cover

The Equity magazine Summer 2011 contains a Q&A with comedian Arthur Smith, goes backstage at the new RSC with actor Jonathan Slinger and DSM Nina Scholar, plus highlights our new agreement for TV commercials.

Spring 2011

Spring magazine 2011

The Spring 2011 magazine contains interviews with actor Daniel York, who speaks about his experiences of racism, and Julie Hesmondhalgh, who talks about her acting role as Hayley on Coronation Street and her Equity role as our deputy on the soap. Meet the membership features stage and company manager Carrie Hutcheon and news updates include stories about protection from medical mistakes, a new radio rates website and the fight for fair pay in film.

Review of the Year 2010

Review of the Year 2010 cover

Looking back over 2010, the Review features interviews with Ambridge star Graham Seed about his sad departure from the Archers, Model Alexa Brown discusses our new Model agreement and MP Alison McGovern reveals how Equity makes its influence felt in the corridors of power.