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Members support tweetathon in aid of radio short story

19 October 2011

Twitter logoFollowing the success of the Society of Authors collaboration between top authors and tweeters, which aimed to write one short story a week via Twitter, Bill Nighy, Brenda Blethyn and Hugh Bonneville have recorded the stories as short podcasts that will be released on the Society’s website and tweeted directly to followers of the campaign. The tweetathon started with an opening line by Ian Rankin and invited tweeters following the Society to complete the next four sentences. Over the following weeks lines have been tweeted by authors Simon Brett, Neil Gaiman and Joanne Harris.

Actor Bill Nighy said: The idea that we need more news on Radio 4 is bewildering... I can’t move for news. What I don’t see all around me is the opportunity to listen to new writing, or indeed old writing, in short story form. I love to be told stories. The world loves to be told stories. Radio 4 is a time-honoured outlet for such stories. It’s a famous part of our nation’s tradition. It’s an opportunity for writers to express themselves in a very important form on a regular basis and it reaches a comparatively large audience. I personally treasure that and I can get my news from just about anywhere."

The stories can be viewed at the Society of Authors website.

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