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Clarifying rights in studio recording

23 July 2012

SingerFollowing discussions with Equity, Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) has launched its Eligible Studio Producer Form.

This form now means that all parties can agree at the point of recording what contributions have been made on a track. In the past, supplying this confirmation to PPL has not been administratively easy for studio producers

Peter Leathem, chief executive officer of PPL said: “The new form offers a practical solution for studio producers to make royalty claims. It is not a change in policy but, by introducing this simple and transparent process, it allows all parties to reach agreement at the time which in turn will clarify the payment process. In today’s digital age accurate and timely data is critical.”

Both featured performers and studio producers will now be able to agree, at the point of recording, what contributions have been made on a track by a studio producer and therefore understand better from the outset how any performer royalties earned on the relevant tracks may be distributed.

To find out more and get a copy of the form, visit PPL’s website.



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