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ENO Chorus vote to strike

26 February 2016


The Chorus of the English National Opera (ENO) has voted to strike because of planned redundancies and wage cuts at the ENO.

Equity is calling on ENO management to keep a full-time, world-class Chorus and to reverse the decision to reduce their salary to 75% and cut jobs.

The strike action was announced today (26 February) on the steps of the Arts Council England (ACE) offices in London, watch a video of the event.

Hilary Hadley, Equity’s Head of Live Performance, said: “The Chorus have no interest in causing economic harm to their own company, which is why the overwhelming majority of the industrial action will be actions of protest and will not damage a performance in any way for the audience or the ENO box office. However, the impact of the current proposals on the Chorus is so great that they have had to reluctantly consider strike action.”

Strike action will be during the performance of Akhnaten on 18 March and will take place for the duration of Act One only.

Days of action short of a strike will take place 4 -19 March inclusive and may include protest about the matters that are the subject of the trade dispute during the course of performances or during any rehearsal or costume calls. They may also not agree to any call that would constitute overtime.

ENO at ACE During today’s event an open letter was delivered to Darren Henley, Chief Executive of ACE, by Equity President Malcolm Sinclair and representatives of the Chorus.

The Ballot return was 97.7%, with 100% voting yes for strike action and 100% industrial action short of a strike.

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